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Romantic Advice for Valentine’s Day by Epic Dating Love and Relationship Coach Dina Colada

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image of Dina Colada

Join us live on February 3, 2014 at 12:30pm EST-US for the
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Have a great Valentine’s Day this year with Dating Advice by Dina Colada!

Make this Valentine’s Day the best ever!

We’ll be interviewing Epic Dating Love and Relationship Coach Dina Colada who will be sharing her expert advice on how you can show your Valentine how much you care. She’ll also be offering advice to singles out there who haven’t yet found that special Valentine.

So listen in with an open heart and feel the love!

Epic Dating Love and Relationship Coach Dina Colada lives life with a burning passion for people, dating, and relationships. She has had her fair share of less-than-perfect dating and relationships follies, and now adores helping people find the love they want and have fun along the way.

EPIC love can look different to every person and there is no cookie-cutter, perfectly proportioned gingerbread shaped relationship. But Dina shows her clients the sweetness in the crumbly mess that is sometimes left behind and shares her made-to-order Love recipes that will make life even sweeter. Imagine knowing how to make the best cookie anyone could ever imagine, and that cookie is you.

In her free time she loves to read about dating, sex, and relationships and send questionnaires to people (just like you). She then makes their online dating profiles EPIC so they can attract the right kind of person they are looking for. That could be the love of their life, a date for Friday night or a short-term boyfriend. There is EPIC Love out there for you. You just have to figure out what it looks like, get in the right space, and allow it to happen.



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